27 09, 2015

Super Blood Moon in Lexington

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It's come and gone. The Super Blood Moon. I heard about this a few weeks ago but completely forgot about it until it was happening.  I was able to quickly grab my Nikon 3200 and a long lens and, in between clouds, I was able to sneak this shot in. Apparently, I'm not the only [...]

6 10, 2013

Shelf Cloud Photos

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Today there were some epic photo opportunities as a large cold front moved through Central Kentucky. Armed with my 2 Meter Ham Radio, Radar App, and Nikon 3200 I set out to intercept the shelf clouds at the leading edge of the cold front as it passed through Lexington. I took several photos with my [...]

11 11, 2012

Fallstreak Hole Cloud Over Morehead, KY

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I was driving back to Lexington, from Ashland, yesterday when I noticed a very strange looking cloud. Being the curious dude that I am I took photos and searched the inter-webs in search for an answer; especially since there was an earthquake just south of our location that day and I’ve heard of strange cloud [...]