30 05, 2013

Are My Own

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Somewhere between 3rd wind and R.E.M.; I find peace. The footsteps that kiss the pavement; are my own. The miles that silently pass by; are my own. The sweat that stings my eyes and flavors life; are my own. And I will share all this; If... you... can... keep... up.

29 09, 2010

Cyclic Dream

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I often wake from this cyclic dream to neither be heard nor plainly seen Looking for a sunny spot in the glade To soak in life around me; this is how I'm made Learn'd work and equal parts of play Along a soft path; to keep the ruts at bay I carry this leaf with [...]

20 03, 2010

Almost Spring

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The trail is clear, skies are clear; Fresh water at every bend. The memories of winters past I hold dear; Scars on my face are allowed to mend. The pass is wide and the view is far; Light shines through the hemlock. Expectations are up to par; I have only myself to mock. The valley [...]