15 09, 2008

My mom is a Ham!

By |September 15th, 2008|Technology|0 Comments

Amateur Radio Operator is the formal name for a Ham Radio Operator but legitimately calling your Mom a Ham is so much more fun! My Mom took her Technician Class license on Saturday and got her Callsign, from the FCC, today.  Her Callsign is KJ4GQH. I gave her my old Alinco HT to help her [...]

13 08, 2008

Listening to Satellites… really?

By |August 13th, 2008|Technology|0 Comments

I’ve been interested in satellite communication since I first got into Amateur Radio in 1996. I talked to the MIR space station for about half a minute in 1998; when it was still in service. I also had some experience communicating with military satellites during my time in Marine Corp; using the PSC-5. Military satellites [...]

28 07, 2008

FT-60R Review and Future Plans

By |July 28th, 2008|Technology|3 Comments

I have been using my new FT-60R for the last couple of days now and find it to be a very solid HT (hand held transceiver). It may not have all the extras which are offered on many HT’s but this is still a serious contender. I do think that a battery charge indicator would [...]

28 06, 2008

New Amateur Radio – Icom IC-2200H

By |June 28th, 2008|Technology|2 Comments

I used to be very involved in Amateur Radio but between the military and college I got “distracted”. Now that I have a stable job and more money for “toys” I decided to get back into my once favorite hobby. A series of bad weather a few weeks back also got me thinking about how [...]