James McWhorter lives in Lexington, Kentucky, and is the owner of SpiderSavvy. He has 10 years of experience in Web design and development.

High School & Military

In high school he educated himself in HTML and began coding Web pages for his High School’s Web site. It was also at about this time that James obtained his Amateur Radio License and later made contact with the former MIR space station. He also saved up $200 for his first GPS (that was a lot for a 15-year-old!).

After graduating high school, James joined the United States Marine Corp and attended the Communications & Electronics School in 29 Palms, California, where he built on his existing knowledge of radio and antenna systems. He was assigned to a communications platoon in North Carolina where he fulfilled his duties as a Field Radio Operator, Encryption NCO, and Air Operator for the regiment. During his four years in the Marine Corp he received advanced training in NBC Warfare, Cold Weather Survival, and advanced weapons training.

Berea College

Upon leaving the military, James was awarded a full scholarship at Berea College where he managed the college’s Web Team. After re-designing the college’s Web site, James and his team were awarded the 2006 CASE Award in recognition of a site well done. While working at the Web team James learned XHTML, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, and developed advanced proficiency in user-centric Web design, usability, and experience using industry standard tools such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Flash.

During the summer of his Junior year, he set off on an independent study that would take him along Kentucky’s Cumberland Plateau, following the Sheltowee Trace. Three weeks and 276 miles later, James had collected a significant amount of GPS/GIS and photographic information with which he was able to create a geo-database of his experience.

Miami University

After graduating Berea College, James moved to Oxford, Ohio, and worked as a Webmaster forĀ Miami University‘s College of Arts and Science where he developed and maintained the Earth Expeditions, Dragonfly Workshops, Project Dragonfly, Global Field Program, Interdisciplinary Science Program, and iDiscovery Web sites.


Running, Backpacking, Photography, Web Development, Amateur Radio, Geocaching, GPS/GIS, Environmental issues, Web usability, International travel, Jaw Harp, Marksmanship, Open Source Applications


Web design, Web development, Valid XHTML and CSS, WordPress, Branding and Identity, Abobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, Search Engine Optimization, Photography, Cross Browser testing, GIS/GPS, VHF/UHF & Satellite Communications.