Switching things up this week and going to lean more on using my iPad Pro exclusively for my morning planning at Starbucks.  I’m still waiting for the Apple Pencil and and keyboard to become more available.  Until that time I’ll use my trusty Apple wireless keyboard.

So far the experience is good. There are, of course, some things that I cannot do on the iPad Pro that I would normally do on the MacBook Pro but those tasks are geared development.

The connection between the iPad Pro and keyboard is solid, however, from time-to-time I do notice that the command tab (swiching between apps) does not work.  I suspect that this may only occur between certain apps. First world problems – I know.  🙂

On a side note the WordPress iOS app is working VERY nicely on the iPad Pro.  I was able to quickly snap a photo (using my iPhone) and send it directly to the iPad Pro and then set it as my featured image.