Last night I had the pleasure of visiting Trinidad Head; one of California’s oldest and smallest cities.

Known for its rugged coastline and spectacular views that attract adventurers of all ages; Trinidad’s ocean also offers impressive beaches, kayaking, fishing and crabbing. According to what I’ve read online many Trinidad vacations are actually planned around fishing season and what fish are running.


On 9 June 1775, two Spanish Naval explorers, Bruno de Heceta and Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra anchored in Trinidad Bay. Two days later, on Trinity Sunday, 11 June 1775, Trinidad Head was claimed for Spain in the name of Charles III by Heceta, his men and two Franciscan fathers who erected a cross on the summit. Over the next 75 years, Spanish, Russian and British ships landed at Trinidad Head for sea otters, fresh water and refuge from storms.

[Source: Wikipedia]


Here are some photos that I took with my Nikon 3200.