Yesterday  I was lucky enough to to attend the inauguration of Berea College’s ninth president;  Dr. Lyle Roelofs. Here are some photos that I took during the ceremony.

A few notes on the photos

I wanted to practice some indoor photography with my Nikon D3200 with a 55 – 200 mm lens.  I knew that taking indoor shots, with a telephoto lens was going to be a challenge but I think I was able to pull it off.. with some help.

The highest shutter speed I could get by with was about 50-60 so I used railings and chairs to keep the camera steady as I took my shots (Yes, I should have brought a Tripod! 😉 ).  There were still a lot of photos that had too much blur, however, I was able to get several decent shots.  Most of the shots were under exposed, and when lightened, there was a lot of noise in them so I used LightRoom 4‘s noise reduction settings to “soften” the photo and get rid of the grainy look.  If you notice that the photos above have a “dreamy” or “cartoonish” look to them that is why.