The iPad loses…

Electronics and the Sun have never had a good relationship. Direct sunlight will quickly overheat any electronics that are in it’s path. This is especially true for the iPad; which has a glass front and heat conducting aluminum back. Apple has officially listed the operating temperature of the iPad as 32 to 95 degrees fahrenheit (0 – 35 degrees C). After only 10 minutes, in the direct sunlight, my iPad display the following warning today.

iPad needs to cool down before you can use it.

With shorter, cooler, days quickly approaching I’m taking full advantage of the remaining long days of summer and what better way to do that than by spending a few hours doing some light pool-side work (as opposed to sitting at your desk).

All I need is a towel, a good WiFi signal, and my trusty iPad – but how can I use it for very long in the direct sunlight?

Easy. Remember that towel that you brought to dry off with? Dip part of that towel into the pool and wring it out. You’ll want the end of the towel to be damp (not wet). Now lay the iPad on the damp part of this towel and continue on about your business. The damp towel will greatly help in removing the excess heat that gets absorbed by the aluminum back. And don’t worry – your iPad won’t mind the damp towel. 😉