After weeks of bone dry and record-setting temperatures, Central Kentucky finally had a chance for some MUCH needed rain.

I’m sure that some parts of Kentucky did get some rain but Lexington a was lucky to get even a drizzle. What we got instead was a lot of lightning, wind, and apparently a Tornado Warning.

Below is some video that I shot of downed trees after the initial gust came through.

[jwplayer mediaid=”1173″]

Here are some photos that I shot with my Nikon 3200. My goal was to ‘capture’ lightning in action.

To do so I set the shutter speed on various speeds (10 , 20, and even 30 seconds) in hopes to get that perfect photo. Time and time again I’d be aiming the camera at the wrong place at the wrong time – but alas! Persistence pays off!

If you have any photos or videos of this storm or others please add links, to them, in the comments section below.