Today Berea College along with most the Central Kentucky’s schools and businesses were closed early today in anticipation of an outbreak that has been described as being similar to the outbreak of Tornadoes in 1974.

Even the Weather Channel’s celebrity meteorologist Jim Cantore is in the action. He is in Lexington, Kentucky right now watching the scene unfold.

What I’m doing

I’ve got the usual radar map and twitter feed pulled up and I can see the latest news but I also have a few other tricks up my sleeve.

As a Amateur Radio operator I am privy to other sources of information; including two way communication to other radio operators who work together and with local governemt to aid in primary and secondary communication efforts.

As we speak I have a 2 meter ham radio scanning local repeaters and an extra car battery charging in case the power goes out.

Ham radio operators are conditioned to continue communicating well after the lights go out and it is not uncommon for Amateur Radio to turn into a source of primary communication until services are restored. They are also notrious for spotting tornadoes and reporting them the National Weather Service. This is not the same thing as storm chasing but I’m sure some of that happens as well. 🙂