When I was growing up I alway’s used PC’s.  I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would become a Mac convert. I was in elementary school when I saw my first Mac. It was a Macintosh LC and our class used it to learn math and play Oregon Trail. I didn’t really understand the difference between Mac’s and PC’s at the time but I don’t remember seeing a Mac again until I was in high school.


By this time I was used to using PC’s but the the computer lab teacher loved Macs and filled the entire computer lab with them.  I always used the one or two PC’s that were in the corner. I don’t know if my affinity to them was because I was used to working with PC’s or if Macs were just different but I didn’t like it at all. Not having the right click option factored in a lot. After high school I joined the military and I used PC’s exclusively in concert with satellite communication gear. To me PC’s were then the only computer that existed.

The College Years

Berea College is the next time I ran into Mac’s. We had a Mac lab for graphic design but I still always found away to get out of using one. I didn’t want to relearn how to use a computer after years of using a PC. After I graduated from Berea College I went to work for Miami University. I was a web designer then and had grown accustomed to using my PC along with all the software I was used to.
The first day I walked in they ordered a brand-new iMac for me. I was horrified! How was I expected to keep developing their website and to learn how to use a Mac right away?

I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get the job done but two weeks later I was officially a Mac convert!  After years of avoiding Macs I had grown to love the simplicity and sophistication of Apple products. I was now a hard-core Mac fan and I never want to go back to PC’s again. During my two weeks of Mac Boot Camp everything began making more sense and basic tasks seemed much more more intuitive.

I discovered that I did not spend nearly as much time making sure that my PC worked properly.  No more de-fragging, updating anti-virus definitions, and going down a list of other hacks to keep the PC running like new.  Macs just worked and they worked well.  It was as simple as that.  I could actually focus of getting some good work done!

My First Mac

[frame_left]Mac Convert[/frame_left]It was a cold Cincinnati day and I agreed to spend that day coding in exchange for a brand new Mac Mini. I could not wait for that day to be over so that I could bring home my brand new Mac, plug it in, and never look back. Since then I have started my own business and have purchased more Macs to add to my arsenal of awesomeness.

My Apple Suite

27’’ iMac

The newest addition to my suite of Apple products.  I do the majority of all my work on it; including design, coding, SEO, research, email, video, etc. It’s also the hub of all my time tracking, invoicing and SERP/Backlink reporting.

Additionally, I have it set up so that I can remote in from any of my iOS devices to retrieve documents or control the screen and it’s attached to a 2 Terabyte LaCie hard drive that acts as my time machine and large video/photo files.

13’’ MacBook Pro

Perfect for getting work done in coffee shops, while traveling, or when ever you want to work from a couch or outside under a tree.  I think of it as the next best thing to having my iMac with me in a mobile setting.

iPad 2

The iPad is a terrific device.  The more I use it the more uses I find for it.  Let’s say that you are meeting someone at Panera Bread to talk business.  You just need to check email, browse the Web, and use a few simple SEO tools for quick auditing.  You don’t really need all the production power of the MacBook Pro and the beauty is that you have all this capability that fits inside of a Padfolio.

I’ve found the iPad to be an excellent presentation device as well.  One can very effectively give a great presentation using KeyNote for iOS.  There is even a way to use the iPhone as a remote!  I don’t know if it can get much cooler than this!

Mac Mini

This was my first Mac and it has been worked hard in the beginning; as it was used for everything.  Now that I have the iMac and MacBook Pro for design and video so now the Mac mini is in retirement and does a wonderful job at being a general workstation that runs reports and acts as a Mac mini server.

iPhone 4

There are so many uses for the iPhone 4 that I’m not going to even try to list them here.   Most of the apps that I have on my iPhone are also on my iPad 2 but are much more convenient and appropriate to use in a business setting.  Imagine presenting a proposal on your iPhone!  😉

If you are a Mac convert I’d love to hear your story!