About 2 weeks ago I purchased my first pair of vibram fivefingers shoes and I have not looked back since. Here is my personal vibram fivefingers review.
I had seen other wearing them and after researching the idea behind barefoot running, barefoot hiking, and Vibram’s initiative to create shoes to enhance the experience I was intrigued.  I am a big believer in doing things naturally.

The First Week

The minute that I put them on I noticed two things; how incredibly great they felt and how everyone suddenly noticed what I was wearing on my feet. I am surprised at how many people felt comfortable asking me about them.  Most questions were geared toward how they felt, if the shoes had enough cushioning, and if I ever stubbed my toe.  I enjoyed watching the sometimes critical expressions turned to curiosity as I gave a thorough review and brief explanation about by barefoot is better.

Vibram Fivefingers and Hiking

When I purchased my Vibrams I definitely had running and hiking in mind and was looking forward to seeing how they did on the trail.  I’ve gone on 3 hikes in Kentucky and I only have great things to say about these shoes.  When wearing sturdy hiking boots I feel like I am trudging through the woods; disconnected from the ground.  With Vibram Fivefingers you can feel where you are walking with much more sensory.

A few things that I noticed on the trail:

  1. Every step feels more balanced and intentional
  2. My feet stay cooler and do not sweat like they do with boots. Because of this I did not get any hotspots or blisters
  3. Vibram Fivefingers make you use calf muscles that you do not normally use.  You’ll probably notice some sore muscles during the break-in phase; especially when trekking.
  4. I noticed that it is very easy for water/moisture to come in around the toes but I also noticed that because of the breathable material it quickly dries.  I’m not too concerned about this but I would like to look into cold weather options like vibram fivefingers socks.
  5. These shoes can often catch grass or weeds in between the toes.  To me it’s more funny then annoying.

Where to Buy Vibram Fivefingers

I bought my barefoot trekking shoes at NOC’s Great Outpost in Gatlinburg, however you can also purchase them at VibramFiveFingers.com or on Amazon where you can see other vibram fivefingers reviews.

There is no way to put into words all of the enjoyment you’ll experience so you’ll just have to try it for yourself!