I love to run.

For what ever reason I like running even more when it is raining or snowing.  Call it crazy but I love it.  We are so padded in our daily lives that rarely is there ever a chance to experience anything real unless, of course, you don’t pay your taxes.

So I’m about mid-run, getting warmed up so much that the snow flakes are actually refreshing as they melt on my face, when I start up a hill.  It’s a pretty steep hill and it’s hard enough to tackle when conditions are “normal”, however, the wet snow makes it more interesting than usual.

I tried following some tire tracks, thinking that I might have more luck, but I had much more traction when I made my own tracks.  Just has I was making the transistion from following the tire tracks, to creating my own, I watched as an analogy visualized before me.  It made so much sense!

“You get more traction when you create your own tracks”

Now this might not make sense to everyone but as an entrepreneur I work very hard to what I believe will be a successful business.  Instead of working to make some one else prosperous I’d like for the hard, caffeine-filled, hours to go to my own future.  When I was running in those tire tracks it reminded me of “going through the motions” and not getting anywhere fast.  However, when I starting creating my own tracks I could feel the resistance of fresh snow and feeling that I could move forward with decisiveness and tenacity.

Or… maybe just had too much coffee and was hallucinating on cold, oxygen-rich air.