In a recent episode of Help! My business sucks! I heard about RyanAir’s plans to charge for using the toilets on their planes. My initial reaction was shock, but from what I’ve heard RyanAir has a track record of doing things like that. Nothing is free on their flights, not even a measly drink.

Rather than try and skimp and save at every turn, wouldn’t they be better off focusing on PLEASING the customer?! Apparently the only airline that gets what customers want (and gives it to them), is Virgin.

I ran into this in Costa Rica once. I was traveling through several of the cities and no matter where I went I had to pay to use the restroom. Luckily I had enough cash to pay!

So the question is…

What happens if your on the plane and you don’t have any cash, or a credit card on you, and you have to go?  😉