It was bound to happen. Anytime you buy something really nice the gods frown upon you and things begin to happen to put you back in your place. 🙂 I am a recent and happy owner of the iPhone 3G. My wallet is also a bit lighter because of it but the phone and all its amazing features make up for it.

Today gravity and the hard surface of my drive way almost ended an awesome relationship but luckily I invested in a protective case from Incipio. The case consists of two parts; a soft envelope that wraps it’s self and cushions blows, and a hard plastic brace that give extra support.

This case paid for its self today after dropping it on its edge onto my driveway. A drop like this would have surely cracked the screen.

The case also comes with a couple of screen protectors that keep the screen from getting scratched. When you spend $200 on a phone you want to protect your investment!