What could it be… my iTunes and iPhoto libraries were both on pointed to externals hard drives… or were they?

The search was on!

My Mac mini is great but it only has an 80 GB hard drive which does not  last very long when you take as many goofy photos and videos as I do so I have one external hard drive set up for Time Machine and a NAS (network attached server) for my tunes. Everything was working pretty good until I found out that my photos were actually filling up my hard drive instead of my external hard drive.  How that was happening is still a mystery.

There are a couple of ways to find what is taking up all your space but the one I found to be the easiest, most visually appealing, and free was Disk Inventory X. After I let it run and do its thing it gave me a nice graphical representation of what was using all the space in my hard drive.  As you can see the big blue spot is my iPhoto library which would explain why there was 34 GB of space being taken up that I could not account for!  As soon as figured out where the rouge iPhoto library was I could then move it to the external library like it should have in the first place.