I was in Kentucky over the weekend and missed the winds 80+MPH that blew into the Ohio valley.  When I got back to Miami University the roads were clear and there was power in some places but still no traffic lights or internet.  All the milk at the local Kroger’s was also gone.  :)  Here is a recent excerpt from the news:

Ohio utilities reported nearly 900,000 homes and businesses still without power, down from 2.6 million after the storm Sunday. More than 300,000 customers still lacked power Wednesday in Kentucky, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

Utilities hope to restore power for most people by Thursday, but some could be in the dark until the weekend.

Power restoration has been delayed because damage from the hurricane-force winds was unprecedented for much of the region and required help from crews in other states, utilities said. In some cases, Ohio-based crews were recalled from Southern states after being sent to help with Ike’s aftermath along the Gulf Coast. Source