I used to be very involved in Amateur Radio but between the military and college I got “distracted”. Now that I have a stable job and more money for “toys” I decided to get back into my once favorite hobby. A series of bad weather a few weeks back also got me thinking about how much I missed have my trusty radio nearby.

My Call sign is KF4LXS and I currently hold a Technician class license. I’ll be hitting the books again and will be upgrading my license so that I can operate on other bands.

I choose the Icom IC-2200H because of the new Digital D-Star mode. The receiver covers 118-174 MHz and the transmitter delivers 65, 25, 10 or 5 watts of output. It also uses an improved receive IMD which helps provide protection from excessively strong signals. My 2200H supports three different scan modes: Full Scan, Memory Scan, Programmed Scan and four scan resume methods. Other features of my radio include: 207 memories, alphanumeric notes, 3-way priority watch and independently programmable Rx/Tx and tone squelch. My 2200H is also one of the first mobiles to be GPS NMEA compatible which I use with my Garmin GPS. I plan on getting the UT-118 D-STAR Digital plug in unit for digital callsign squelch and digital code squelch, short text messaging, break-in and GPS position beaconing.