I was in my local college bookstore a few days ago and saw a small interesting box. My curiosity got the better of me and I picked it up. There was a tall student employee hovering nearby. I could see that he slightly amused and that he wanted to say something really bad. “That’s Apple’s new wireless keyboard…”.

I looked again. The white box was 1 inch thick and exactly 1 foot long. On each side was a an image of something thin and metallic. On another side were the words:

Wireless Keyboard

A keyboard! You’re kidding me right? It must have been the look on my face examining the image that caught the student’s attention. He nodded in approval of Apple’s new creation.

The box was very light; probably because the real product was stashed away in a safe somewhere. “Where’s the keyboard?” I asked in flat tone. The kid looked at me with a blank look on his face; as if I just told him that there was no God and he was going to Hell. No response. “You mean to tell me that the keyboard is inside the box?”. A spark glittered in his eyes and from that I could tell that the answer was yes. I shook the box lightly and indeed… there was something inside. I could not believe it.

I got back to my office and opened the box which was only few inches bigger than the keyboard itself. I quickly found the batteries and put them in the small tube on the left side. I found the power button the right side and pushed it. A small green light, just above the F12 key, lit up. “Another one of Apple’s stealth lights”, I thought to myself with an inward grin. The iMac found the keyboard and asked me to type in a series of numbers and letters. I did so without question.

The day was cloudy and from my desk I had a front row seat to the changing weather patterns. I could have sworn that the instant that the keyboard connected with the iMac a beam of light shot into my room; illuminating my new discovery. I was in wireless keyboard heaven.