Jay and I took a look around the place that we decided to camp the night before and saw that it was indeed an abandoned farm. It looked as if it was a pretty nice place in its day, complete with house, barn, coal house, and some other structures. Jay’s dog seemed especially interested in the coal house. I climbed up in the barn with my camera and found a very old bike lying in the hay. I thought that the light filtering through the cracks in the barn side added a great lighting effect for the pictures I took. Next to the house was an old well, still in production. We ate and left after taking advantage of the nearby stream, Copperas Cave Branch , where we washed dishes, cloths and our faces in (not necessary in that order). Our destination for the day was Lago Linda Hideaway, nice get away owned by Doug and Linda Black that offered cozy cabins and was located right next to the trail just North of Heidelberg.

Leaving midmorning, we followed Todd’s road until we came to an intersection. We followed the gravel road to the right which ran to the left of Sturgeon Creek. The Gravel road turned into a paved road after a couple of miles and passed a couple of small communities. At this point the sun was high in the sky and heat on the road was working on Jay, the dog, and me. We would have done anything to find some real trail to walk on but this section of the Sheltowee was all road walking. The locals did not find any trouble getting around as ATV’s seemed to be common form of transportation, replacing the need for cars, insurance, and extra money otherwise spent on high gas prices. Todd’s Road then turned Into Crestmont Road which took us across Upper Stinking Creek which emptied in to Sturgeon Creek. The heat and hard walking surface was already having an effect on our spirits and there was beginning to be concern for the dog, which did not have the luxury of hiking boots or sweat glands. We decided to take a break at a turnaround on the side of the road and hide in the shade of forest edge. We were not there but for a couple of minutes until a guy on an ATV came by and stopped to talk to us. He asked the usual questions and inquired about some of the area that we had come through. It turned out that he was from Northern KY and had some property in the area. He saw that we were in a bad section of the Sheltowee and that asked if we could go back and get his truck and give us a lift to better trails. Without much argument we agree happily. The dude came back with a huge expensive truck and cold bottled water that we accepted gratefully. We piled in and he took out of the area and north towards better trails and much closer to Lago Linda Hideaway. We crossed the Kentucky River at Heidelberg following State highway 399 north for a couple of miles until we got to the “old’ Sheltowee trail head next to White Ash road. At the time we did not realize that this trail, while not closed to the public, was no longer apart of the Sheltowee trace. After closer inspection of the trail map we discovered that the trail ahead of us stopped just short of Lago Linda Hideaway and that it used to actually traverse the property at one point. There were still many miles of road walking ahead so Jay used his cell phone to call Linda and have her pick us up. She was happy to hear we had made it and was on her way.

An hour later we were at the hideaway in a cabin and enjoying the comforts of home and washing the grit and sweat off our bodies. Later, we joined Doug and Linda for dinner and conversation in their log cabin that overlooked the cabins that surrounded their private lake. Linda, a pleasant lady from England, always has an interesting story to tell and is an awesome host. Jay and I took the canoe out and got some good night time fishing done. I caught 3 good sized fish. Jay caught 1.  Wink