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Now this is real Mexican!

Mi Mexico is awesome!

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Kentucky Hot brown at Ramsey’s

I’ve had my share of hot browns but this one beats them all!

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Kentucky Fudge Company in Harrodsburg, Ky

Next time you are in Harrodsburg, Ky stop by the Kentucky Fudge Company and try the Harrodsburger. You will not be disappointed!

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Coffee Times Coffee House

Name: Coffee Times Coffee House


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Overall Impression
This place is awesome.  Not much to look at from the outside and if you were not looking for it you would never know it’s here – but I actually like that because it really is a hidden gem. As soon as you step inside you are greeted […]

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LinkedIn Hacked and Passwords Posted

Just got this email from LinkedIn and immediately changed my password. I don’t really have any sensitive information on LinkedIn but this is a good reminder that even a good password and reputable website are not enough to keep your information private.

I use a program called 1Password to generate super strong passwords. This program also allows […]

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