• Starbucks Grounds for Your Garden in Lexington, KY

It’s Never Too Early to Take Advantage of Starbucks Grounds for Your Garden

It’s January. It’s cold. Gardening is the LAST thing on your mind. Or is it?

If you go to your local Starbucks chances are you’ll see an inconspicuous bucket (usually near the restrooms) that is filled with used coffee grounds. This might not sound very exciting – unless you like to garden. Did I mention that […]

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Hummingbirds In The Winter?

A Rufus Hummingbird was found this winter in Ohio.  How don’t they freeze?

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Berea College Composting Program

I'm so proud that I went to a college that participates in a program like this. These are the kind of things that we need to start doing more of.
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Anglin Falls

With the rains over the weekend I was curious to see if Anglin Falls was flowing. I had been there in a couple of years and was looking for an excuse to go. It was not flowing as much as I had hoped but it was still very peaceful.
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Earth Day clean up on Fort Myers Beach

Here is what me and my co-workers did on Earth Day.  50 bags… not too bad eh?

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