January 2016

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    X Files is Back!

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    Hot Chocolate Makes the World Go Round

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    Comm Must Stay Up!

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    December 2015

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    Only using the iPad Pro for my morning work at StarBucks

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    Switching things up this week and going to lean more on using my iPad Pro exclusively for my morning planning at Starbucks.  I'm still waiting for the Apple Pencil and and keyboard to become more [...]

    Are you living your life or paying your bills until you die?

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    November 2015

    Sunrise on the Cumberland River

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    DuPont Lodge

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    October 2015

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    Halloween 2015

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    2015 Thriller & Halloween Parade

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    Link to event                 

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    Finally. My own Kombucha

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    After a little over a month preparation I finally have brewed my own Kombucha.  It's not as fizzy, or tastes as good as the store-bought kind, but this is just the beginning!