June 2015

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    2 years

    By |June 20th, 2015|


    Trying out Google’s Photo Sphere Camera App

    By |June 11th, 2015|

    Views: Lexington, KY by James McWhorter

    May 2015

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    An Object At rest…

    By |May 17th, 2015|

    • Moonbow at Cumberland Falls Kentucky

    Moonbow at Cumberland Falls Kentucky

    By |May 3rd, 2015|

    April 2015

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    Hanging out with Buddah

    By |April 8th, 2015|

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    So True!

    By |April 2nd, 2015|

    March 2015

    • Angel Mounds-16

    Angel Mounds

    By |March 22nd, 2015|

    February 2015

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    Napping on Top

    By |February 28th, 2015|

    “Daddy, I’m so tired after you carried me up this mountain. Time for a nap!”

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    A Family That Brushes Together Stays Together

    By |February 21st, 2015|

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    For the birds

    By |February 21st, 2015|

    How long does it takes for birds to find food that you’ve tossed in your yard? About 7 min.